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Steph Parker
Steph Parker I started my own online business from scratch in 2015 with a tiny budget and absolutely no knowledge of social media or digital marketing. All I had was a big dream!

Crazy? Probably! But after 4 years of hard work and a steep learning curve, that small business grew into a profitable and influential travel brand partnering with large companies across the globe. In 2019, just 5 years after starting out, I was named British Travel Blogger of the year.

But why am I telling you this? It’s certainly not to brag about the success of Big World Small Pockets! Nope, it’s because I want to encourage you to believe that growth and success for your small business or your seedling of a dream IS possible. Even if you don’t have a big budget. Even if you don't feel like you have all the skills yet. Having done it myself, I know!

And armed with this knowledge, I’m now passionate about helping other small businesses to achieve online success too. Because I know what you guys need - low cost, flexible solutions that are simple and practical to implement. No fuss, no nonsense, just real strategies that you can understand and that WORK!

So that’s what we deliver here at Social Puffin - simple and effective methods that will help your business grow strongly online, just as they helped to strongly grow mine.

After all, success does not come from looking at the doors that have closed on us, rather success comes when we concentrate on the doors that could open infront of us.

Keep believing!


In order to help you grow your business, we can advise you in in the following areas:
Social Media Management
From content creation and scheduling, to growing your following and engagement, we have all the tools and tips to develop your social media presence.
Facebook Advertising
Reach targeted new customers with personalised Facebook ads that drive traffic and sales.
Electronic Direct Marketing Services

Keep your business at the front of customers' minds and increase brand awareness through electronic marketing.

Content Marketing Solutions

Improve the ranking of your website with relevant, targeted articles that boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Website Optimisation
Ensure your website is both user-friendly and streamlined for sales conversions with our consulting and design services.
Training Packages
Bring your staff up to speed with customised training packages focused on the digital marketing areas most important to your business.


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Want to develop your business by maximising digital marketing, but don’t have the time, resources or know-how?
What if you could get a tailor-made strategy to enhance your brand at a competitive price and pace that suits you?

Social Puffin can do just that!

From social media management to electronic direct marketing, website optimisation to staff training, we can assist you with all your online marketing goals. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to grow your success …