How to Make Your Instagram Bio Work For Your Business

So, why does your Instagram business profile bio matter? 

As simple as it may seem, an Instagram bio is really important in establishing your brand presence. It quickly and easily shows potential customers and clients the info they need about who you are and what you offer. 

In lots of cases, your Instagram profile may be the first point of contact someone has with your business, whether that’s because they have discovered you through an Instagram hashtag or perhaps through a paid post or someone sharing your content on Stories. 

Or, they may even have heard of you somewhere else, and searched for you on Instagram rather than going initially to your website. 

This is becoming more common these days as Instagram’s search functionality becomes more prominent and people use this platform as a resource to look for businesses that offer what they need. 

Some brands don’t even have a website and solely use their Instagram page as their only online shop window!

For all these reasons and more, your bio is an important first impression. 

And that’s exactly why you should spend some quality time creating an Instagram business bio that showcases your brand personality and offerings in the best possible way.

Here are our top 7 tips to crafting a winning Instagram business bio…

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#1 Make Sure to Include Your Contact Details

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 1

Add your email address and phone number and make sure these are displaying on your profile so your potential customers can quickly and easily get in touch with you. This sounds obvious but it’s regularly overlooked! 

Add the ‘email’ and ‘call’ contact buttons to highlight your contact info without taking up precious space in your bio.

To add these, go to the  ‘Edit profile’ section > Contact options, then make sure they’re displaying (along with your category choice’ by toggling the ‘on’ setting in the ‘Profile Display’ section.

#2 Use a Bio Link Tool to Maximise Your One URL Link 

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 2

You only get one URL space on your Instagram profile, so you want to make the most of it.

Using ‘link in bio’ tools can really help you optimise that one link, granting you the ability to link to more than one webpage via their tool. This can help you drive more traffic to your site, make it easier for people to easily access info about your work and view more of your content. 

For example, if you have several offerings like we do, you can set up links going to various web pages, or sections of your website, that quickly and easily give your audience more information about each of these offerings or elements of your business.

Here you can see our ‘link in bio’ link, where we connect to pages on our website that cover our main offerings, such as ‘Training courses’ and ‘Social media management’, as well as our blog and testimonials page. 

Don’t get carried away though – try not to have too many links as it can be confusing and overwhelming when there are over 8! 

Ideally, we recommend no more than 5. 

#3 Be Strategic When Writing Your Bio Section 

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 5

Your Instagram bio copy is vital in explaining what your business offers. It’s important that this is clear, concise and easy to understand. 

Your text here should really be selling the benefits of your products or services, rather than just listing out a description of what you do. In other words, you want to get across some of the reasons people might enjoy or benefit from your offerings. 

Since there’s a tight 150-character limit, it’s crucial that you have a sense of what you want out of your bio. This will help you pinpoint exactly what you want to say concisely and effectively. 

For instance, you may want to use this space to convey your brand’s personality. You may want to tell people broadly what your business offers, list your key services or use your bio predominantly to promote your latest products. 

Spend some time thinking about what you want to get across and craft your bio accordingly. 

#4 Make You Key Points Stand Out 

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 7

It’s crucial that people can easily read and process the information in your bio at a moment’s glance. 

Using formatting such as bullet points, line breaks, spacing and emojis effectively, makes it easier to read.
These functions also help to highlight important information instantly. 

We recommend aiming for 3-4 short, concise sentences, focusing on your benefits and USPs and writing with a tone that fits your target market.

Structuring your bio with bullet points helps to make it really digestible and using eye-grabbing emojis as the bullet points is a nice visual trick to grab attention and lead the reader through your key points easily. 

Some of the inspiring and energetic emojis that work well are the lightbulb, stars, the flame and the lightning bolt, but do ensure you use ones that align with your brand and the messaging in your bio. 

Also bear in mind that these characters and line breaks are included in your 150-character count so use them strategically. 

#5 Use Keywords in your Bio Section 

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 8

Always ensure to ultilise keywords that are relevant to your business in your Instagram bio. 

Keywords are essentially search terms – short phrases that might describe your business or offerings. So for example, some keywords relevant to Social Puffin are ‘digital marketing’, ‘small business’, ‘social media, ‘SEO’ and ‘small brands’.  

Using keywords in your bio is important because Instagram is becoming more of a search tool and people are using it as a type of search engine to find things they’re interested in. 

Having relevant keywords in your bio increases the likelihood of your profile appearing in people’s searches within Instagram, especially when they are looking for key terms associated with your business’ services and products. 

#6 Make Your Account’s ‘Business Name’ a Keyword

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 6

This next point is also linked to using keywords. 

Your Instagram username is your @handle and your Instagram identity. It’s a part of your Instagram profile URL ( and holds a prominent location at the top of your account page. 

However, the ‘name’ of your account can be something different from your username. 

You can change this to be your full brand name but our top tip is that you actually change this to reflect your major service or offering. So for instance, ours is not Social Puffin, it’s ‘Digital Marketing Consultants’. 

The reason that changing your account name to reflect what your business is about is a good idea, is that it can really help to elevate the keyword status of your account. 

This further helps you show up in relevant searches for that term, so it’s great for helping potential customers and clients to find your business. 

You can change your ‘name’ on Instagram in the ‘edit profile’ section of your account. 

It can only be changed once every couple of weeks and we don’t recommend you do it regularly as it could confuse Instagram’s search facility as to what your account is about.

#7 Include a Category

How to Make Your Instagram Bio a Powerful Tool For Your Business 4

Instagram also allows you to specify which category your brand falls under, for example, Social Puffin is listed with the category ‘Marketing agency’. This helps visitors to, at a glance, understand what type of business you have, as well as Instagram to understand that too!

Your business category is displayed at the top of your Instagram profile – it shows up right under your business name. To add or edit it, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and you’ll find ‘Category’ under ‘Public Business Information’.

We hope that these 7 tips for crafting your perfect Instagram brand bio have proved helpful and you’ll find them easy to implement.


However, if you need any help, then don’t forget we provide consultancy and training to help you make the most of Instagram (and your other social media channels). 

If you want to maximise the impact of your social media as a marketing tool, we can help you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.