7 Reel Trends We’ll See in 2023

In 2022, Reels become the way to create content for Instagram and there’s no question that in 2023, this short form video movement is going to continue to evolve.

Born out of a need for Instagram to compete with TikTok, it’s a pretty sure bet that Reels will continue to emulate many of the features on this platform, as well as bring in some of their own unique features to keep audiences engaged and excited.

So here’s our predictions for the Reel trends we’re going to see in 2023…

#1 More Fun, Less Perfection

No question in our mind that perfectly curated Instagram feeds are now something of the past.

With the advent of Reels, the trend for stunning gallery feeds started slipping into decline and this trend so only going to increase this year in our minds.

Video content is so linked to storytelling and personal narratives that perfection is impossible and thank goodness for that!

Instead, Reels in 2023 will continue to be a way to show the face behind the brand, to embrace the silly, the fun, the cute, the sad, the quirky and the real.

Authenticity is key for drawing an audience in and has far greater power, even for serious brands, to engage and kickstart attention compared to polished pretence.

The key message here is to have fun creating your reels. That fun will translate on screen and lead to more imaginative and unique content that will drive interest, intrigue, responses and replies, aka all the good stuff!

#2 Growth of Filters & Effects

As we mentioned in the intro, Instagram often seeks to emulate TikTok with its latest Reels features and given this, we won’t be at all surprised if an increased use of features and effects starts drifting onto the platform.

Be it silly effects that overlay real content in a Snapchat-like way, or onscreen pop-ups that kickstart viral trends, expect to have a greater ability to add more to your Reel in app in 2023.

Already this year, we’ve seen the ability to rename audios, the “Add Yours” option and the ability to mix and reply with Reels making an appearence, so stay tuned for lots more quirky and flexible features…

#3 Rise of Original Audios

And as with filters and effects, we think it’s a pretty dead cert that we’ll see a rise in the use and prioritisation of original audios on Instagram Reels in 2023.

Currently, the best way to get your Reel the reach it deserves is by using trending audios (distinguishable by the upwards diagonal arrow symbol that appears next to an audio track in-app).

This is in direct opposition to TikTok, where original recorded audios tend to help videos perform better.

Given their copycat characteristics however, we highly expect Instagram to adopt a desire for originals audios too this year, with the ability to add a video voiceover, as well as record and add your own sounds set to be made even easier.

We definitely want to point out this is not currently the case, we still recommend using trending audios for your Reels, but we’ll keep you posted as soon as this starts to shift towards original audios, which we certainly predict it will!

#4 Decline of Hashtags

2022 was the year that saw the decline of the hashtag across all forms of content on Instagram and this looks set to continue as we move into the new year.

In all honesty, hashtags seem a bit old school already don’t they?!

As you’ll have heard us bang on about many times on our Instagram channel last year already, hashtags are no longer the best way to be found or to categorise your content on this platform.

Instead, it’s all about using keywords (important search or buzzwords) in your captions and Reels on-screen text now.

This is because Instagram is becoming an evermore sophisticated search engine, where people go to find information and inspiration.

Using keywords is now the best way to ensure Instagram categorises your content appropriately and is a key definer in trying to ensure the platform shows your content to the right audience.

If you didn’t already think hashtags were dead, you certainly will by the end of 2023!

#5 Expect More Buttons!

At the end of the last year, we had the rise of the message button, which you can add to your Reels, so people can DM your accounts directly in response to your content.

Depending on your niche, business and IG account size, you may think this is a great or a horrible idea!

The opportunity to “Dual” with Reels, “Add Yours”, and change the “Layout” on Reels have also been around for a few months.

Regardless, one thing is clear – more buttons will be coming in 2023 that allow for more direct and fun communication between content creators and their audience.

#6 Increased Range of Fonts

Let’s be honest, Instagram hasn’t updated its in-app fonts in a while and quite frankly, the 9 it does have are getting pretty boring!

As we’ve talked about before, we really do recommend sticking to just 1-2 Instagram fonts when creating your Reels, to keep your bran look cohesive and, if you’re sagely following our advice, then it’s likely you’re EXTREMELY bored of them!

At least, we are!

Which is exactly why we definitely predict Instagram will be releasing new fonts in 2023.

And to be quite frank, we don’t think they can come soon enough!

#7 Use of Canva for Reels

And finally, we definitely think we’ll see a rise in clients using Canva to create their Reels this year.

For those who don’t feel comfortable putting their face in front of the camera all the time (we still suggest you do sometimes FYI… we’re not reneging on that!), then Canva is the perfect way to create informational and quote content without having to resort to a standard static feed post or a carousel. 

Use the “Instagram Reel” template in Canva to design your content (don’t forget to make use of the animation and brand kit features and to time the transition of your slides to the beat of your chosen audio), then download as an mp.4, upload to Instagram, overlay your trending audio, write your caption and post away!

The perfect way to get around people-centered Reels, the graphic or text-dominant options Canva offers are the ideal solution if you want to impart important info to your audience, but don’t want to only rely on Stories for reach.


So there you have it our 7 predictions for Instagram Reel trends in 2023.

Which are you most excited about?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below…

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