5 Ways Good SEO Can Increase your Sales

You’ve probably heard that SEO is a pretty crucial element in any business website, but why exactly is it so important?

Well here we break down why SEO is key in ensuring your website drives conversions and sales, plus the 5 reasons you shouldn’t put search engine optimisation off!

And, as always, our guides are written for small to medium business owners, so we’ve tried to make our explanations as clear and simple as possible!

Let’s get stuck in…

#1 Attract Clients Searching Directly For the Services You Offer

The first and most obvious reason why SEO is so important, is because implementing a good strategy across your website is going to help your business rank high on relevant search engine results pages (SEPRs).

Whether it’s on-page SEO, or content marketing geared towards SEO, both work to ensure your website is in the best position to rank well under relevant searches – that’s the services, advice and information your potential clients are looking for online.

As we’ve discussed in many of our other posts about SEO, these searches are based around keywords, and any good SEO strategy will make full use of the keywords that are pertinent to your niche and sales funnel.

Here at Social Puffin, our SEO audits target keywords directly – researching those that are critical for your business and implementing them across your website pages and content marketing strategy.

Ranking well under these keywords will immediately draw potential clients to your website, as they’re more likely to click on your high-ranking website for advice, tips and, perhaps, even directly for purchases, when using search engines to give them answers to their burning keyword questions.

At this stage, SEO is a key way to get potential customers into the top of your sales funnel, drawing them into your brand and impressing them with your authority, knowledge, services and products.

#2 Ensure a Better Return on PPC & Social Media Ad Campaigns

But organic searches aren’t the only way that SEO can get potential clients into the top of your sales funnel.

And that’s because paid ads are also a key customer driving force.

Be it PPC ads or paid social media campaigns, both have the same objective, using financial buying power to pull more customers to your website.

Of course budget and correct targeting will be the biggest indicators of results here, but that’s not to say SEO doesn’t play a crucial role in your paid ad success too… it does!

In particular, where PPC ads are concerned, making sure your website is up to scratch from a speed and keyword perspective (2 key elements of SEO) will certainly ensure your Google Ad (or other Pay Per Click ad campaigns) perform their best.

You’ll likely get better results for your budget here too, as search engines will see you as a more favourable option in the PPC bidding war.

And with greater customer retention and lower bounce rates resulting from SEO, there’s no question that organic search result strategies will definitely help you get more bang for your buck when it comes to paid search result ads as well.

#3 Improve User Experience of Your Site

And the third way a good SEO strategy can help your business’s bottom line is by improving the user experience of your website.

There’s all sorts of elements that go into a good website user experience but, for the purposes of this article, we’re going to concentrate on site speed.

A key thread in the SEO tapestry, ensuring you have a lightning-fast website, that passes all those Core Web Vital stats with green glowing colours is absolutely critical in any SEO strategy, because it gives your website users a premium experience.

No one likes sitting around waiting for a clunky, heavy website to load and search engines know this, which is precisely why they prioritise websites in SERPS that are speedy, snappy and slick.

In essence then, quick landing websites improve your SEO directly because they improve your user experience.

And with improved user experiences comes lower bounce rates, higher page sessions and greater time on page metrics, all of which get fed back to search engines and escalate your website authority even further.

#4 Converts More Website Visitors to Customers

And with a fantastic user experience and potential clients staying on your website longer, the greater the chance they’ll learn more about your brand, trust your business and want to purchase your products or services.

At the most basic level, this is also how SEO works to convert more of your website visitors into paying customers.

But it doesn’t stop there, because search engine optimised sites will not only be quick, but they’ll also have excellent site structure, simple navigation formats and clear user journeys mapped out.

In essence, streamlined sales funnels are a key feature in search engine optimised websites, and not only does this help convert visitors effortlessly and efficiently for a first purchase, but it works to ensure they return to buy from your brand again and again.

#5 Encourages Repeat Business and Customer Retention

Which is why the fifth and final way a good SEO strategy can help increase your sales is by increasing customer retention and repeat business

And how does this happen?

Well it’s pretty much thanks to a combination of all the above points.

From good keyword ranking and enhanced PPC results, which draw potential customers into your sales funnel, to good website user experience and streamlined user journeys which help convert them into customers (not to mention strong remarketing tactics that help attract any who dropped off along the way), SEO is key to clinching sales in a digital purchasing world.

After all, speedy, slick and smart-operating websites that converted users into customers initially, are exponentially better-placed to draw those customers back to buy from you again.

And this speaks to the real value of SEO – namely that it’s a long-term, long-serving strategy that works hard in the background for your business.

Once in place, the foundations of good SEO go on to benefit your brand why beyond initial purchases, providing exceptional return on investment.

So, isn’t it time to up your SEO game?

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How SEO Can Help Your Sales Increase