Social Media Packages

Achieve the social media results you want to see.

Take the stress of social media off your hands, with experts who devise and create the right strategy, content and trend analysis to make your brand stand out online.

Instagram Reel Packages

#1 Inspiration

Helping you create reels that make an impact.

Price: £350 for 8 monthly reels

#2 Curation

Grow your Instagram community with reels that drive reach & engagement.

Price: £450 for 8 monthly reels

#3 Reelisation

Allow experts to fully craft and post reels that make a lasting impression.

Price: £550 for 8 monthly reels / £300 for 4 monthly reels

Facebook & Instagram Packages

#1 Crafting Social Captions

Keeping your social media captions fresh and ensuring your copy converts.

Price: from £350 per month

#3 Diving In

Scale your social presence with a strong growth strategy that harnesses broad-spectrum content production and keen trend analysis.

Price: from £950 per month

#4 Catching All The Fish

Skyrocket your Facebook and Instagram impact through the power of advertising, detailed account analysis and trend forecasting.

Price: from £1350 per month + advertising budget

Social Media Strategy Package

Social Strategy Development

Get expert-developed messaging, tone and aesthetic guidelines that set up your brand identity for social media success.

Price: from £900

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