How to Easily Ensure Your Website is Legally Compliant

We all know the reality that, as a small business owner, you have to wear many hats.

From secretary to marketer, sales person to social media manager, so often we find ourselves having to play a huge number of different roles, many of which may not be our area of expertise.

This can often be time-consuming, stressful and difficult to juggle, especially if your business is just getting off the ground and you already have a million other things to think about!

Yup, we get it, as small business owners ourselves here at Social Puffin we know about the demands on your time, your research and your knowledge base, especially if the area demanding this attention is outside your comfort zone.

And one of those key areas for us, is legal compliance.

Yup, surprise surprise, we’re not lawyers by profession, so ensuring our business stays compliant with the law, in our respective areas of operation, is both complicated and stressful… to say the least!

This is especially true if, like us, your business operates online, because all of a sudden it needs to be complaint with data and privacy protection globally – not just where you’re physically based.

As if coping with one set of laws wasn’t enough – now you’ve got to cope and ensure compliance with laws in places you know nothing about!

Yes is the internet a fun place to work!

But don’t just think this article is all doom and gloom for small business owners – and we’re sorry if we’ve given you this impression! –  because really we’re here to spread the good news.

And the good news is, that there is a solution to this woeful problem of ensuring your website, app or online business is globally compliant.

And not only that, but this solution is also very affordable, easy to use and legally watertight!

Sound too good to be true?

Well it’s not, it’s a real stroke of brilliance that we use ourselves across our online businesses.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Iubenda!

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What is Iubenda?

Iubenda is an amazing online solution that assists with ensuring all your websites and apps are legally complaint, even if you have zero expertise or knowledge in this area.

Their attorney-level solutions, administered by a global legal team across 8 different languages, make sure your online outputs are always compliant with the law across multiple countries.

Essentially, they can provide an expert, stress-free and easy answer for you in what can be a highly confusing and complicated area.

If you feel like you’re already wading through too much stuff as a small business owner, Iubenda is a godsend.

They offer a range of products that help, depending on your needs, in various ways. These include:

  • Privacy and Cookie Policies
  • EU Cookie Laws Consent
  • Terms and Conditions
  • GDPR Consent Records
  • CCPA Disclosures

You can opt in or out of these various products as necessary, meaning Iubenda is highly flexible and tailored to your website’s unique needs.

But best of all, this service does all the hard work for.

Need a legally watertight cookie policy for your website?

Just enter a few details and these guys have you sorted.

Need a fully comprehensive privacy policy that includes any third party service providers you’re using?

Simply go through their extensive pre-created clauses (or customise your own), selecting those that apply, and the policy is automatically created for you.

Need a wholly compliant EU cookie banner, that acquires consent and administers blocking until that point and creates consent records?

Iubenda has you covered!

Plus they can also create sets of terms and conditions for your app, site or service – protecting your liability – as well as cover you if your business targets Californian consumers and you need to comply with CCPA regulations.

Basically when it comes to all the shockingly complicated, depressingly tedious, awfully confusing legal requirements needed to ensure that your website, agency, app, ecommerce store or online enterprise remains compliant, Iubenda is the easy and affordable solution.

As they like to put it, “we handle the compliance, so you can get on with running your business.”

Simple, Cheap & Easy to Use

Laptop, Work, Home Office

Because yes, easy and affordable is exactly what Iubenda is, which is why they are perfect for local businesses, blogs, e-commerce stores and small-scale enterprises.

If you can’t afford to hire legal professionals to do the research and work you need, Iubenda fill that gap in the market perfectly.

They provide attorney-level solutions, written by a global legal team, which means you (like over 60,000 other businesses across 100 countries) can trust their services.

Not only trustworthy, but their website and products are incredibly easy and convenient to use.

All you need do is simply sign up to a plan (there’s even a free one), load in your website details and then start creating cookie, consent, privacy or terms and conditions policies that can simply and effectively be added to your website or app in a variety of ways.

No need to wait for appointments, schedule meetings or wade through complicated jargon, with these guys you just get straight on it, wherever you are, whenever you are ready!

Once completed, you can then translate your policies into one of their 8 functioning languages (with just one click), and then simply insert them into your website or app via multiple-integration options.

From embedding codes to creating consent banners, or even inserting the policies simply using a plugin, you certainly don’t have to be technically-minded to use Iubenda – in fact that’s part of its appeal!

Simple, comprehensive, yet customisable is at the heart of what they do, whether that’s GDPR, CCPA or Australia’s APP!

And with a basic plan that’s free to use, along some pro plans that start from just $27 USD a year, there’s no question this service is incredibly affordable too.

Another reason we pufflings love, love, love it!

Multiple Websites Under One Roof

Home Office, Desktop, Timer

If you manage an array of websites, perhaps under your own enterprise, or perhaps as part as an agency, then you’ll likely to be delighted to know that Iubenda also offers specially priced plans that cater to multiple websites, meaning you can have all the tools you need developed by their simple system.

Not only does this save a lot of hassle (because you only have to learn how Iubenda’s websites functions, rather than learn an array of different services), but within Iubenda’s website, all your websites and products are housed under a handy dashboard feature within your login area.

You can choose which features you activate for each website individually, giving you loads of flexibility, and you can also select the third party tools each website or app uses individually too – meaning unique, customised fits for your business’ needs.

What this essentially results in is numerous, legally-tight, privacy solutions for all your digital businesses housed under one roof!

Easy and quick to amend or update, not only are all your products stored in one place, but you need only navigate through one system in order to create and edit them – hoorah!

Automated Updates & Alerts

Notebook, Orange

But wait, because it gets even better!

Iubenda also makes the editing of these products and policies easy for you too!

We all know that national and international privacy regulations are forever changing at an alarming rate and can have very specific requirements that often render previous policies invalid.

This is where Iubenda really comes into its own!

Self-updating, a lot of their products don’t even require any effort on your part once set up, because they automatically update and re-establish compliance for you.

When updates are required, Iubenda runs scans to see if your website is still compliant or not, and then sends you email alerts about what to change, and where, with the simple, click of a button.

No need to keep on top of the forever-changing landscape of online privacy and data protection regulations – these guys have you covered!

Chat & Support

Chat, Support, Office Team

Iubenda also has your covered if you encounter any problems, care of their excellent chat and support tools.

You can chat live with a representative about any problems you may have in the immediate timeframe, or email them with any less urgent questions too.

You can also scroll through their useful blog section, or watch one of them informative webinars, if you want to understand the legal compliance issues that face your business in more depth.

You can even ask live questions within the webinars to help deepen your knowledge and understanding about specific topics.

So whether you want to learn more about compliance, or just have an easy, affordable and comprehensive service to take away the stress of it all, Iubenda are the guys to trust.

Get a 10% Discount

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As we’ve said, we use Iubenda across all our individual websites here at Social Puffin, and can’t rate them enough.

Which is exactly why we are recommending them to your guys today!

If you want to learn more about Iubenda, click here to check out their website or sign up to one of their plans HERE and get 10% off your first year!

Say hello to the world of straightforward, simple and stress-free online compliance… you can thank us later!