How to Save and Store Your Passwords Safely

It might not be that sexy, but it is very important, yes ensuring your passwords, accounts and details are safe online is an absolute must when it comes to good business practice.

Not only is this for your own benefit as well as the protection of your business, but also for your clients who need to be able to trust that their information is safe in your hands.

But how can you go about ensuring all your login details and account access info, as well as card details and personal data are safe online without spending a huge amount of time or money in the process?

Enter Dashlane – the password management system that is both quick, easy and cheap for ensuring all your most important online details are safe.

Ideal for small businesses, where time and budget is of the essence, this great tool is all you need to ensure your password are saved and stored securely.

We can tell you from personal experience this great tool has revolutionised our lives here at Social Puffin after we started using it a few years ago, so we’re now delighted to be recommending it to you all too.

So let’s launch in with the hows, whats, whys and wherefores to get you started…

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What is Dashlane and How Does It Work?

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So let’s start with the foundations here, to make sure we’re all up to speed.

At its heart, Dashlane is a password management system – that means it’s a piece of software designed to organise, store and safeguard your online passwords and login details.

Dashlane does this by securely saving the login details for all your online accounts, platforms and profiles in a single, secure vault.

This means all your passwords and login emails or usernames are saved together in one handy, protected place.

No more having to create complex spreadsheets or keeping a file of unsafe notes, instead Dashlane automatically brings all your passwords together, keeping them centralised, secure and only accessible to you.

Access to your Dashlane vault is granted via a master password you use to open your account and gain access to all your saved information.

This can be done either on a desktop device or on your mobile or tablet, through a mechanism that ensures your master login information is never stored by Dashlane in any capacity.

What it does mean, is that any password you have saved in the vault can easily and efficiently be accessed no matter whether you are entering a website or account on your smartphone or tablet, your laptop or your computer.

In addition, Dashlane uses military-grade encryption to keep your details safe, which means there is much less chance of your details being hacked here compared to regular cloud-based services.

But not only does Dashlane keep your passwords safe, but it also helps you work more efficiently too.

Instead of having to click over to a separate document to retrieve your password and login details each time, Dashlane auto-fills the details whenever you visit a website it recognises as being saved in its vault.

This auto-fill function is absolutely one of the best things about Dashlane (outside of its security), because it literally saves so much time knowing you can visit any online site and be automatically logged in at the click of a button.

In the busy and often frantic world of small businesses, this is a godsend!

How Else Does Dashlane Keep Your Details Safe?

Password Security 3

But it isn’t just safe storage that Dashlane offers, no this clever piece of software works even harder to keep your online details safe overall too.

First up, it alerts you to any security issues with your existing passwords.

Examples may include if you’ve used the same password in too many places, or if some of your passwords aren’t safe enough i.e. if they are considered weak due to being too short or not containing a suitable variety of symbols, numbers and letters.

Dashlane also alerts you to instances where any of your passwords may have been compromised, i.e. if the platform where you hold an account has been targeted by hackers.

Finally, Dashlane also trawls the dark web, constantly monitoring whether any of your information, details or passwords have made their way into this murky and dodgy place too.

In any of these instances, Dashlane will send you a notification and then allow you to change your password, auto-saving whatever new details you enter and checking they are deemed secure enough too.

In addition, if you’re creating a new account or profile anywhere online (or indeed if you are changing an old password for any reason) Dashlane will auto-generate a strong password for you.

No more trying to second guess whether a password is secure enough, or trying to come up with a secure new one formed of what feels like a gazillion letters, numbers and symbols you won’t remember – Dashlane does this all for you automatically and easily at the click of a button… and then saves the details automatically in its vault too!

There’s default options here, which work for most websites, but if you need to specify some secure password parameters i.e. the number of characters or the use of symbols etc, you can do this in Dashlane too, meaning this service will also create the perfect secure password for you and then save it, securely in its vault!

But the security doesn’t end there, because Dashlane also includs a VPN in its offering, meaning if you have this application running on your mobile or desktop device you can also activate the VPN feature (virtual private network) which allows you to surf the web without your IP address, or any other details, being accessible.

This is ideal for when you want to avoid cookie features or keep your privacy at a maximum care of the VPN’s end-to-end encryption.

And finally, Dashlane also allows you to securely share your passwords and details too.

No matter whether this is with a client or a colleague, Dashlane hosts its own sharing platform, so that other users can receive details from you via its top encryption technology.

No more having to risk sending information over emails that might get intercepted, with Dashlane you can share login details, passwords and more with others via the click of a button. Plus you can determine what sort of rights they have over this information too!

How good is that?!

What Else Does Dashlane Do?

Password Security 2

But wait there’s more!

Not only does Dashlane save password and login details, but it also saves secure notes (for things like banking details or important memos), along with bank card details as well as personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, names and addresses.

These personal information items and card details also auto-fill – with Dashlane cleverly detecting which fields require which information, meaning completing online forms or payment options has never been quicker or easier.

No more laboriously having to type in your address, or scrabble around to find your wallet and your CVV details – Dashlane has them all saved and then auto-fills them all for you!

And very soon, Dashlane is introducing ID detail saving too – woo hoo, we can’t wait!

So we’re sure you can now see why Dashlane is so much more than Apple Keychain or other password saving systems that you might already have in place.

In contrast, this is a complete password management system that keeps your security online at its core in multiple, time-saving ways.

How to Try Dashlane?

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And the great news is that Dashlane is free!

For those who just want a basic account with up to 50 passwords saved and available on one device, Dashlane offers a free option that makes for a great starting point.

Otherwise the Premium Dashlane Option, costs just $40 USD a year – that’s less than £30 a year for those of us in the UK!

These rates based on an annual billing cycle, although you can also pay monthly for the service too .

If you’re not sure which version you’d like, then you can always start with the free plan and upgrade later, or why not jump into Premium with a free 14 day here trial they offer?

Sign up to Dashlane here today and begin enjoying the peace of mind that all your passwords and login details are safe as houses!