9 Reasons to Invest in Tailwind for Pinterest

The last few blog posts we’ve posted have concentrated on Pinterest and that’s because, thanks to global lockdown, increased numbers of users and a revised algorithm, Pinterest has never been hotter than it is right now!

In fact, here at Social Puffin, we’ve all been revamping the Pinterest strategies for our own individual online businesses, getting inspired in the process, and wanting to share the knowledge with you.

Which is why we’ve been crazy on the Pinterest vibes lately, bring you crucial tips on how to get ahead on this top social media in order to drive tons of free traffic to your site and business.

Soooo, continuing this trend, today we want to share another epic Pinterest tip with you that we love here at Social Puffin and that is Tailwind!

A pin scheduling service and official Pinterest tool, we use Tailwind on our own blogs and can’t convey highly enough, the excellent features of this platform.

To explain more and delve deeper, here’s our top 9 reasons why you should invest in Tailwind and fire up your Pinterest marketing today.

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#1 Saves You Time

Tailwind, Logo

The first thing to know about Tailwind is that it’s a scheduling service, which essentially means it automates the process of pinning content to Pinterest for you.

Although you have to spend some time inputting the content and setting it up, this is nothing compared to the hassle of constantly having to Pin live which, if you’ve read our post about how to succeed on Pinterest, you’ll know is super critical.

Yup, instead of having to hop online at all times of the day, 7 days a week, to pin relevant and useful content, Tailwind does all the hard work for you.

Essentially, all you need to do with Tailwind is donate a chunk of time to building up your planned content and then scheduling it in to different time slots and to different boards.

After this, you simple sit back and let Tailwind control the rest, so that no matter whether you’re working, playing or sleeping, this epic tool is pinning on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As such, I think it’s clear to say that one of the top reasons we suggest investing in Tailwind, is because doing so is going to save you a ton of time!

And that’s true of whether you choose to spend time scheduling, say, a month’s worth of pins in one chunk and then letting Tailwind do the rest, or whether you decide to drip feed content into their schedule each day.

Either way, this tool can work wonders for you when it comes to efficiency and getting results!

#2 It Creates Fresh Pins Automatically

Because get you results it definitely does!

No matter how committed you might think you are to the Pinterest game, the chances you are going to be pinning at the weekend, in the evenings or during busy work days, is just unrealistic.

However Tailwind, when set up correctly, will do this on your behalf!

Which is why automating your pinning through them and being (in theory) active on the app, is always going to generate you better results.

However that’s not the only reason.

We know Pinterest’s new algorithm favours in-app engagement when it comes to increasing your own reach, but you might not be aware it also favours what are being termed “fresh pins”.

“Fresh pins” basically refers to original Pinterest images (ideally bold, vertical images with a text overlay) that are newly pinned to the platform.

Rather than repining and essentially recycling pins, Pinterest now wants you to prioritise pinning fresh, new, original pins as often as possible.

Which is yet again where Tailwind comes in!

While you can pin images numerous times using Tailwind, their clever coding means that each time they send out content for you to Pinterest, this platform registers it as a new, fresh pin.

Which kinda means you get all the credit without any of the hard work… what could be better!

#3 Pin To Multiple Boards at Intervals

Laptop, Working

We’ve touched on it in the above point, but we want to spell it out here too…

One of the best reasons to invest in Tailwind is because this platform can not only help you with pinning content, but repining it too.

Now whether that’s your own pins or others, what Tailwind amazingly lets you do is schedule content to multiple boards over an extensive timeframe.

In essence therefore, Tailwind doesn’t just save you time for one pin, it saves you time over and over again.

This is especially true given how quick and easy it is to schedule pins multiple times using Tailwind, mixing up both the boards and the times you do the pinning.

Simply choose which boards you want an image to be pinned to, then choose which date you want the first pin to go out.

After that you just select the time interval you want between each repin and hit schedule… and that’s it!

You can then view and amend the details in the draft section of your Tailwind account – the place where you can essentially see and sort your Pinterest queue.

#4 Pin at Optimized Times

Tailwind, Schedule

But it’s not just the boards and the intervals you can alter when it comes to repining.

Nope, Tailwind also allows you to design a schedule so that the essentially, empty slots to be filled by your scheduled pins are also entirely customisable.

To set this up you simply head to the “Schedule” section within your Tailwind account and choose the times you wish your pins to go out.

This schedule will then be saved into the “Drafts” area of your Tailwind account, so that the pins you schedule can be dropped into the available boxed time slots.

If you’re stuck for ideas about what times to include in your schedule i.e. at what times your pins perform best on Pinterest, then don’t worry either, because Tailwind has you covered here too!

Yes this clever platform actually suggests optimized times that it’s noticed your Pinterest audience is responding well at.

Harnessing these timeslots to form the backbone of your schedule can significantly increase your reach on Pinterest – just another reason Tailwind is well worth the investment.

#5 Get Valuable Insights

But it doesn’t stop there.

Knowing when your optimal posting times are on Pinterest is just one of the great insights Tailwind can provide you with.

Because once you have a paid account with these guys, you can then access a huge amount of analytical data that is incredibly helpful in helping you grow and succeed with Pinterest!

From which boards are performing best for you, to which pins are getting the most impressions, saves and clicks, there’s a massive amount of data here to be mined and used to your advantage.

And once you sign up to Tailwind, it’s all free!

#6 Helps You Strategise

And this, of course, essentially helps you create a solid Pinterest strategy.

Because building a watertight and effective Pinterest strategy based on insight and facts is exactly what you want to do.

Yes, this really is the key to succeeding on the platform and should not be overlooked as one of Tailwind’s most valuable assets.

Sure Pinterest has its own analytical suites for Business accounts, which is very handy, but notoriously known for its glitchy behaviour, having a second opinion on what’s really going on in terms of your account is very helpful.

No question therefore, that the analytical suite is one of Tailwind’s greatest features.

Plus their analytics are more in-depth than Pinterest’s.

More in-depth and more accurate!

So it really does pay to have access to them, trust me, because the real way to grow on this platform is to try something, measure the effect, tweak, retest and measure again.

Tailwind allows you to do this, simply and effectively – what could be better!

#7 Join Tribes

Tailwind, Tribes

Now we on to some of the other features Tailwind has, kicking off here with Tribes.

A great way to accelerate your content on Pinterest, Tribes essentially allows you to join forces with other Tailwind users, so you can work together to amplify each others’ content.

A Tribe is a like a group, a group of mutual pinners, that all want to quickly access high-quality content they can re-pin and, at the same time, have their own high quality content pinned in return.

In this way, Tribes act like sophisticated sharing circles and can be a very effective part of a good Pinterest strategy when used carefully.

How many Tribes you can access depends on which Tailwind plan you sign up to. Learn more here.

#8 Schedule with Smart Loops

Tailwind, SmartLoops

And in addition to Tribes, Tailwind also has a great feature called a SmartLoop.

Succinctly put, this is an automated pinning cycle, which works to save you even more time and hassle as your pins are constantly repined in a giant loop that works over a long period of time.

Plugging content into a SmartLoop is both quick and easy, as it can be actioned as part of your existing scheduling work pattern.

Again, how many pins you can loop, and how many loops you can join, will depend on the Tailwind plan you have.

Discover more about this here.

#9 Increases Your Pinterest Views

And finally, if it wasn’t obvious to you already, the best reason to invest in Tailwind is because it will get you more Pinterest views for less effort.

From their scheduling features to their analytic resources, their Tribes to their SmartLoops, Tailwind really is the one-stop shop you need to enter to smash your Pinterest goals… and then some!

Don’t put it off any longer and sign up for your free trial here.

Tailwind is the one tool we systematically recommend for all or clients here at Social Puffin and with our in-depth knowledge of its operations, we’re certainly able to help you get onboard with this platform.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want help on-boarding Tailwind and increasing your Pinterest views for very effort and very little output today!


 And there it is, out 9 reasons we definitely think Tailwind is worth the investment.

Have you got any questions about this great Pinterest tool?

If so, just drop them into the comments box below and one of our experts will get back to you.