5 Reasons Quotes Make Great Social Media Content!

Love them or hate them, there’s no question that quotes are an effective part of any social media strategy.

Which is exactly why they should be part of yours!

Yes quotes can be cheesy and twee, but they sure are effective, so here’s 5 reasons to build quotes into your social media output (no matter what you think about them!) and also some great tips about how to create these posts quickly and easily.

Let’s get stuck in…

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#1 They Are Quick, Easy and Simple To Make

Quotes 2

It seems a funny one to start with, but it’s also very practical and true!

Yes one of the top reasons we think quotes make for great social media content is because they are quick, simple and easy to create.

Yes we all know that feeling when you know you need to post something on social, but are utterly stuck when it comes to inspiration, images or time!

Or all 3!

In these instances quotes can make great pieces of social media content because they are quick and easy to make and because you don’t need a good quality image to pull it together!

Instead, all the resources you need are already there online – hoorah!

All you have to do is pick the subject of your quote and then google any relevant snippets of wisdom connected with that theme, industry or topic.

This might be the niche you operate it, connected business ideas, motivational, well-being or mental health topics, trending news items or issues connected to any particular days or occasions, such as international coffee day, taco day or dog day!

Those are just a few examples, but you get the idea!

Choose an area that is connected to your brand or business in some way and then google quotes around this.

Select a quote that you find inspiring, motivating, funny, educational or valuable and jot it down, along with the name of the person who said it.

Then head to Canva and select the template you need based on the social media platform your content is going to be displayed on.

The could be an Instagram Post, Instagram Story, Facebook Post or Tweet.

We’ve covered how to use Canva and why we love it in this post, but the key steps here are to select your template, which automatically creates a graphic with the dimensions required for the platform you’re posting to.

Next, you’ll want design the post, including the quote, the person whose quotation it is and any brand features, colours, watermarks required.

You can use some of Canva’s own designs if you like too and either modify these or copy them totally if you wish!

This is absolutely one of the quickest ways to create your social media posts, trust us!

When you’re happy with your design, you then download the graphic and upload it to your chosen social media platform.

And voila, your social media quote is up and ready to go!

If you have Canva Pro, you can then use their automatic “resize” tool, to re-imagine your design across different social media platforms.

So simple, so easy and super speedy!

Also costs nothing if you are using the free version of Canva!

#2 They Are Inspirational

Quotes 3

No matter how cheesy you personally might find quotes on social media, the reality is that wise words can be extremely inspirational and that most people love them!

Inspirational content is really valuable on social media because its positive, uplifting, energising and warm.

And this is what people generally want from their social media feeds, especially from companies trying to market themselves.

Positive content can break the often pessimistic and negative streams on social media and people tend to enjoy and share this content more.

In marketing, you probably want to position your business as part of the positive trend and therefore inspirational quotes can be a great way to lift people up, spur them on and get them liking and engaging with your content.

#3 They Are Often Shared

Quotes 4

Which takes us nicely onto our third point here, which is that quotes on social media content are a very highly shared forms of content.

Yes not only does quote content tend to generate more likes, comments and saves, but also more shares too!

As we’ve covered in our blog post about how to boost your engagement rates on social media, shares are like engagement gold dust when it comes to the social media algorithm and generating more of these is going to help elevate not only the reach of those posts, but of your overall platforms too!

As such, quotes can be a winner for lifting your social media campaigns and ensuring that people both enjoy seeing and interacting with your content.

Which is ultimately the aim of social media marketing!

#4 They Link with Good Hashtags

Quotes 5

And the 4th reason we love using quotes as part of our social media output is because they are really easy to link with hashtags.

And not only that, but hashtags that perform well too!

Here at Social Puffin, whenever we post a quote piece of quote content on social, usually as part of our Monday Motivation series, we use some great hashtags that tie into the fact the content piece is a quote, as well as the nature of the quote.

Some of these include #girlboss, #femaleceo, #mondaymotivation etc.

You get the idea!

Safe to say quote content pieces can be a rich source of related hashtags, which helps to widen your offering here, potentially using hashtags that introduce you to new audiences.

We always find that the hashtags we link to our quote posts bring in new followers and exposure, especially as they often jump on trending hashtags that many people are searching for and using at that time.

By addressing current topics, issues or news pieces with your quotes, and connecting them with relevant hashtags, you can absolutely use these pieces of content to grow your reach, following and engagement.

#5 Show Your Business Culture

Quotes 1

And finally, the 5th reason why we love using quotes as content in our social media strategy is because they can really help flesh out our brand.

When we use quotes, we are getting a message across about what we stand for, what our beliefs are, what we like, what we find funny and what motivates us.

All these things will help your customers get to know more about what your brand is like and stands for, what the personality of your business is.

And, as we’ve talked about many times, this is a crucial way in which you can attract relevant clients and maintain customer allegiance.

Showing the human face of your business to a greater degree, showcasing your brand personality and letting people into your company culture, will always help potential, new and old clients connect with your brand more, choosing you over competitors thanks to the trust and relationship you’ve built.

Using quotes can flesh this out, bring people on board and allow you to reach those with similar goals, aims, beliefs and motivations.

Using quotes is a powerful way to help customers get to know your company better as they are a key way to expand upon the things you believe, think and value in a way your logo, tagline and bio can never do.

And that can only be a good thing!


So there we are, the top 5 reasons why we highly recommend using quotes as part of your social media strategy.

Are you a fan of quotes in digital marketing?

Love them or hate them, let us know in the comments box below…